Annual waterfowl surveys are a key component of the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture’s waterfowl conservation programs. The surveys help EHJV partners to determine waterfowl population and habitat goals which in turn help Environment Canada determine waterfowl harvest goals. Priority waterfowl species are identified for surveying based on their conservation needs across breeding, wintering and staging habitats within EHJV boundaries. In 2006, 10-year population objectives for each priority waterfowl species were set with the goal to keep some populations relatively stable, to strive for modest increases in others and/or to considerably reduce populations such as resident or temperate-breeding Canada Geese. Ongoing monitoring and studies are regularly undertaken to assess population status, determine habitat requirements and direct EHJV management direction and decisions.

Waterfowl Population Goals

EHJV Table 4For larger image, click here.

For more information, please refer to:
EHJV Population Objectives 2007-2012
CWS 2012 Population Status of Migratory Game Birds in Canada
Trends in Breeding Waterfowl in Canada

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