Habitat Conservation

Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife

Moose River Project near McGowan’s Corner,
New Brunswick/Kevin Connor

Historical wetland habitat loss within Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (EHJV) boundaries has been significant – up to 90% in some priority areas – and to this day, it continues. The EHJV aims to prevent further loss by applying sound science and a partnership approach at the landscape level in its implementation of conservation programs
and projects.

EHJV conservation activities are designed to help sustain waterfowl populations, and where possible, other wetland-dependant, terrestrial and marine species. By working to ensure healthy wetland ecosystems, the positive outcomes of EHJV projects extend beyond wildlife and other wildlife and
plant species. All Canadians benefit from healthy ecosystems.

EHJV partners implement a range of habitat conservation activities to help maintain wetland ecosystems. See the attached diagram for common language terminology for habitat conservation.

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