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Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (EHJV) partners in Canada’s six Eastern provinces – Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador – conserve high-priority fresh and saltwater coastal regions, major estuarine (river) systems within productive agricultural areas and wetland and upland habitats that have significant waterfowl and other migratory-bird use. Each province delivers conservation projects at the local, regional and provincial level, while maintaining their own identities and operating procedures. All projects contribute to provincial, national and international North American Waterfowl Management Plan wetland habitat and migratory bird conservation goals. In addition, each province is working toward expanding their mandates beyond waterfowl to include all-bird (shorebirds, landbirds, waterbirds) conservation into their conservation planning and implementation. Visit the following links to each province for more information.

Eastern Habitat Joint Venture Provinces

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EasterCanada Quebec Ontario Newfoundland and Labrador New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edwards Island
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