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The New Brunswick-Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (NB-EHJV) of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) focuses on programs aimed at retaining and restoring valuable wetland and associated upland habitats across the Province. While waterfowl and their habitats remain a high priority, the NB-EHJV also works to protect the habitats needed by other bird groups (shorebirds, waterbirds, landbirds) under the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI). Specific conservation actions for other bird groups will be implemented as the provincial all-bird plan is completed and resources become available. The NB-EHJV Program is administered through the New Brunswick Department of Energy and Resource Development.


Wood Duck Pair/©Ducks Unlimited Canada/
Blachas & Piché

NB EHJV Priority EcodistrictsFor larger image, click here.

Program Delivery Partners

Target Actions

  • habitat protection through the support of robust environmental policies, acquisition of land and conservation agreements and the signing of voluntary conservation agreements with landowners
  • wildlife enhancement work at protected sites
  • assessment of sites to be enhanced and monitoring of enhancement work already carried out
  • promotion of recreational and educational activities at protected sites, as well as promotion of the many environmental benefits that wetlands provide for people

Belleisle Marsh-St.John River Floodplain,
New Brunswick/Deanne Meadus




Habitat Protection

Since 1989, the NB-EHJV has invested over
$12 million in wetland and associated upland habitat protection in New Brunswick, resulting in the protection of 32,669 hectares.

Habitat Restoration

Over the past 20 years, the investment of $6 million in restoration and enhancement activities, including the restoration of degraded wetlands and the construction of water-control structures and small wetlands, has resulted in the restoration of 9,215 hectares.

Grindstone island Ecologiaclly Sensitive Area, NB

Ecologically Sensitive Area at Grindstone Island,
New Brunswick/Don Vail



Since 1989, $35.9 million has been invested in the NB-EHJV to conserve and increase the productivity of many NAWMP priority wetland sites. The U.S. North American Wetlands Conservation Act and many other organizations, associations and businesses have made significant financial or in-kind contributions to NB-EHJV wetland-habitat projects.

Wetland Policy

The New Brunswick Wetland Policy was developed in 2002 with two objectives:

  • Maintenance of Wetland Function – manage human activity on or near wetlands in a manner that will achieve no loss of provincially significant wetland habitat and no net loss of wetland function for all other wetlands.
  • Securement, Stewardship, Education and Awareness – promote and facilitate the development of wetland stewardship, awareness and education through government initiatives and partnerships with local citizens, private sector stakeholders and all levels of government.

Project Example

Tantramar Dykelands

Tantramar Dykelands, New Brunswick/Bruce Pollard

Tantramar Wetlands Centre

In 1997, Tantramar Regional High School teachers, with the assistance of Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Province of New Brunswick, the Town of Sackville, the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation and the NB-EHJV, established the Tantramar Wetlands Centre. DUC worked with students to construct a freshwater wetland on the school’s property to serve as the centre-piece of 20 hectares of wildlife habitat being restored and managed as an outdoor classroom. Wide trails and pathways provide immediate safe access to the site and connect this natural laboratory to an indoor “wetlab” and work area equipped to handle large groups of visitors. The Centre provides year-round wetland biodiversity educational experiences to students, teachers and visitors. Recognized nationally as a “centre of excellence,” the Tantramar Wetland Centre provides exciting wetland education experiences to over 4,000 visitors annually.

Other NB-EHJV Project Examples

For more information, see the NB-EHJV Implementation Plan.


Arielle Demerchant

NB-EHJV Coordinator
New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development

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