Bird Migration

The Habitats

The EHJV is North America’s largest joint venture at nearly three million square kilometres. It is a landscape of varying climatic conditions and habitat types and includes six Bird Conservation Regions of Canada.

The EHJV habitat focus includes coastal bays and salt marshes, lakeshore marshes, floodplain wetlands, riparian and boreal forest wetlands. These wetlands and associated uplands provide food and habitat for migratory bird and other wildlife populations. They are also extremely important to people and communities because of their socio-economic and cultural benefits and to overall ecosystem and landscape function—wetlands help control water quality and quantity and store carbon, which helps to mitigate climate change.

Priority Habitats

  • Forests (mature coniferous and deciduous)
  • Riparian
  • Coastal Salt Marshes
  • Coastal Islands
  • Emergent Marshes
  • Swamps (treed and shrub)
  • Coastal Wetlands
  • Peatland/Bog
  • Estuarine
  • Grassland/Agro-ecosystems
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