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Habitat Retention

One of the ways EHJV partners protect wetland and associated upland habitats is through the protection of functional waterfowl habitat and the protection of important habitat for other bird species through habitat retention (or securement) activities. Habitat retention includes:

  • Permanent: The purchase of habitat resulting in the transfer of ownership to an EHJV partner. Land purchases can be expensive and are typically focused on wetland habitats with the highest risk of loss and the greatest benefit to other migratory birds.
  • Medium (10-99 years in duration): A Conservation encumbrance (servitudes, easements, covenants, agreements) for a specific amount of time that restricts activity on the land. This approach is often more cost effective than outright purchase.
  • Short-term (under 10 years in duration): Stewardship and extension programs directly involve land managers and landowners in conservation by encouraging and helping to implement wildlife-friendly management techniques on their properties. Essentially, the land manager and/or landowner becomes a caretaker of the landscape, and by extension, educates and motivates other landowners to implement land-use practises to conserve the wildlife value of their land while enhancing production and economic benefits. The role of EHJV partners is to provide expertise and guidance for undertaking and sustaining these collective landscape-approach programs that are critical to healthy habitat and wildlife populations.

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